Theme + Evidence, Opinoin (3)

Novel Captain Nobody : Theme + Evidence, Opinoin (3)


Every morning he prepares breakfast for his family. He understands that his parents and his famous brother are always busy and occupied. When he notices how busy and distracted Mom is, he volunteers to cook breakfast every morning. Whenever Mom needs his help with her misplaced items, Newt will always be there because he cares about mother. Mother is absent-minded. She depends on Newt to remind her about important events and help her to find her misplaced belongings. Dad is always busy answering the phone so Newt always pours him more coffee and gets him a pencil.

Newt supports his brother and is proud of his achievement. He plays the part as a spokesperson in informing his fan of Chris’s situation. He is very worried when Chris is hospitalized and insists to be at the hospital with Chris. He also is the one who would wake Chris up when he oversleeps.

Mom and Dad also show their love to Chris. They stand by his side throughout his ordeal every single day. They never give up in hoping the best for Chris. Mom even cries when she holds Chris’s clothes. She misses having Chris around.


We must love our family members. His love for his brother keeps him hopeful that Chris will come out from his coma. They are the most important people in our life. Without them our life will be meaningless. The love shared by Newt and his family emphasizes the importance of love in a family. Love runs deep nad it leads to good things in life.

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